The sweet scent of ripe mangoes in summer, the welcome ring of the ice-cream man’s bell, the sight of pink clouds of cotton candy on the roadside corner: food memories from childhood are perhaps those that last the longest. 
When the HitNat brothers Anand, Chakkravarthi and Prakash who grew up in South Tamil Nadu- moved away for work, their cravings for the unique sweets and savouries of their native place, followed them. They longed for the simple, home-made delicacies that came out of certain much-loved shops in small towns in the Southern belt. Sometimes, they found substitutes among stores in metropolitan cities, but like many Indian foodies scattered around the globe, they realized nothing comes close to the real deal.  They were determined to get their favourite foods delivered at their doorstep. 
Why us?
The brothers soon turned a personal wish fulfillment into a business idea (HitNat- hits from the native towns), when they discovered there were many others who could not travel on a whim to satisfy a food craving. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can get a slice of a distant land-with its taste, scents and colours intact, wrapped, sealed and delivered in your city. What you then proceed to open in the cosy confines of your home, is prepared by expert hands that have made these delicacies for decades. The snacks are made using locally harvested ingredients, employing traditional practices, with little hurry or rush, inside big kitchens in tiny households and shops. The recipes are secrets passed down for generations. 
By supporting this initiative, you naturally get to share a bigger vision of the HitNat brothers –that of sustaining long-standing practices and generational wisdom that goes into the making of some of India’s homegrown foods and giving an extended lease of life to makers of these sweets and snacks in small towns.
In our website, you can read about the story behind the shops that will deliver you your favourite foods and get a glimpse of how these snacks are made; but nothing can beat the feeling of ordering  and savouring them yourself. Until mankind invents a way by which we can simply close our eyes and transport ourselves to a destination or cracks the trick of summoning plates of food out of thin air, HitNat is the answer to making your food dreams come true.