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For many generations, macaroons is a hard cookie made from almonds and with a coconut flavour. In south India, the most popular macaroon is the cashew tale that Tuticorin is celebrated for but those are now the antique macaroons that we all cherished (it is still available in certain stores or probably there are people who prepare at home). The modern macaroon is a light cookie shaped from almond paste, egg white and sugar.

The most popular macaroons are the double-deckers which are really two separate macaroons set into a sandwich with a creamy filling. Macaroons can come in various distinct colours (purple, yellow, indigo, red, pink, etc.) and the mixture used for filling is more of traditional ingredients as chocolate, vanilla and fruits as well as like avant-garde ones: foiegras, crushed rose petals, etc. Buy macaroons online from hitnat

The battle over the origin of the macaroon is usually in the France vs Italy conflict and even the belief goes like, the Thoothukudi macaroon was founded by a labourwho once went to help a French caption and later he tried out and became south Indian's asset. Whatever may it be, let us appreciate their entire effort.after all  now this international hit ‘macaroons’ turned to be the most romantic gift to be shared between any special relation. It also turned to be favorite by kids. It is widely seen at birthdayparties these days.

When it comes to health freaks, anyone who grabs super-fine almond flour the ways to prepare macaroon is really simple, then comes the butter and sugar. All though sugar can’t be good but my bigger concern is with quality and taste. munching once in a while is a sinful taste!

A perfect macaroon should have a rigid outer shell that you can bite into that just melt in your mouth. If the meringue and almond paste stock up to your teeth or the cream lingers unpleasant on your palate or the sugar overwhelms the other flavours, then the macaroon is not up to the mark. The true taste of a macaroon is in its lightness.

When it comes to Thoothukudi-macaroon there are no added colours and its purely with Cashew, Egg White, Powdered Sugar that brings out the crunch delicious taste. The manufacturing outlets in Thoothukudi district does it with much care from the mixing point, baking in firewood ovenwith clean packing and some production unit work on electric machinery too. Through this process there are lot of labor work reduced mechanically.  Buy macaroons online and get delicious taste at your door step from hitnat


Ganesh Bakery in Thoothukudiis the most famous store in Thoothukudi to shop for traditional macaroons but in the other side because of the hip through the e-commerce website now it's terrifically easy to buy both traditionally and modern Macaroons. Let theClassic desert simply melts in your mouth intensely. After all its expressively great to eat something healthy rather the junk food that attractive us crazily.