Buy crunchy Ellumittai from Hitnat

Ellumittai is the most preferred sweet by many women around the universe and the taste has passed down from generation to generations. Undoubtedly, It is a black beauty! Loaded with many nutrition prepaid by using sesame seeds and Jaggery. It is also known has Chikki bars and Sesame Burfis too. It is never that usual kind of sweet that melts down the moment you munch it in. This sweet delicacy has got a crunchy and nutty texture which makes it absolutely delectable.

Ellu Mittai or sesame Burfis are part of the culture and tradition (especially Tamilians) and are best appreciated during festival season. Now this healthy happiness is spread beyond the culture and tradition. It has/is won many hearts inside and outside India. It is known for its quality and the reasonable rate brought from ages.  

This tiny sesame seed is not a ordinary seed it has got huge health benefits, it helps us to prevent  Diabetes, Blood pressure, lower Cholesterol, help in digestion, control stress, Improve arthritis, improve liver function and heart issues . It contains  high-quality protein and the goodness of the list doesn't end here. The richness of sesame seeds is definitely an institution of problem solver that help us in many ways.

Next comes ,jaggery or (orgur) is a natural replacement for sugar and it is a factory of unbeatable health benefits!  many health benefits like Prevents constipation, Detoxes the liver,  Treats flu-like symptoms, blood purifier etc.. They use caramelized jiggery to make into square shaped beautiful burfis.. It is 'that' sweet,' Mouth drools when the word is uttered'  it is much healthier to consume and this is what makes Ellu Mittai extra special by this crunchy bite is suitable for everyone especially those who are asked to restrict the sweet content in their foods. Nutribury is presented as the highest quality and through a strictly hygienic process.

Special attention is given to the select of sesame seeds that are used in their preparation  like black and white sesame seeds, nuts are also comes in different size and so the Colours to change. They are definitely much healthier than other commercial desserts and chocolates accessible in the market. It is a must eat sweet both kids and adults to improve health issues as it has got bunch of health befits.

Chef's take particular concentration is given to the selecting of sesame seeds that are used in the preparation, like black and white sesame seeds. They are definitely much healthier than other commercial desserts and chocolates accessible in the market. This rare snack is little strange because is this not available everywhere, only selected shops, exhibition, food melas, homemade entrepreneur and recently online shopping brings out wide range of Ellumittais. Labeled at a very reasonable price and wrapped air tight to ensure it reaches you fresh. Why to  think or wait? Order right way and stay healthy! Don't forget to share this grandma's recipe with your dears too...