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We all know deserts are not healthy and still, we crave for some lip smacking dessert... Probably one of the worst behavior of human condition. Today we don't have to say it's one of the worst behavior as we have got one healthy tasty irresistible plumpy jelly like dessert too munch.

Something we can consume in your everyday life with no preservatives. Yes, it is one of the pride of Tirunelveli, the legendary snack  'Tirunelveli Halwa'. It was in the mid of 1800s this halwa like pudding originated at Lakshmi Vilas stores, which still manage to serve the same flavor. The art of this sweet is now spread across the globe mainly, Nagercoil, Srivilliputhur and Thoothukudi. It is a surething that anyone who visit this place will not go out of the place without shopping Tirunuelveli Halwa. There are people who visit this place just to buy this mouth watering halwa that just melt it in the very next minute you glub it in.  

There is always a dangle among Calicut Halwa and Tirunelveli Halwa. How much ever be the density, Tirunelveli Halwa has its own exceptional and it is mouth-watering! After a walk over in this small Tirnuvelveli city, i realized it is never a occasional treat, it is a stable food for most all of them.

It is also believed this way, The strange unique story is that Tirunuelveli Halwa  is originally founded by Rajput citizen as they were working for zamindar in the chokkampatti village near Tirunuelveli years back. There are loads of maker in and around Tirunelveli now, who survive by selling this halwa but  very few businessman carry the touch of traditional cooking. it is a lengthy process time and effort should involve in creating this exceptional delicious Halwa. The melt-in-halva is prepared with very few ingredients.

There are many makers in and around Tirunelveli who survive by selling this halwa but  very few businessman carry the traditional way of cooking. it's a lengthy process time and effort should involve creating this exceptional delicious halwa. The melt-in-halva is prepared with very few ingredients. 

The halwa is Tirunelveli’s much-admired product is a mixed blessing. While the sweetmeat is easily available, there are a mind-boggling number of sweet stores to perplex us. Irtukadi is one of the popular and oldest store (near by Nellaiappar temple) where they make Tirunelveli halwa in and Visagam Sweets is the only authrioused store where they sell the halwa prepaide by Irtukada shop at Tirnuveli district, one can see a huge queue early morning and it just gets over within few hours every day. Shanti sweets is another shop where they sell this halwa, it is mostly sold in half KG or one KG above, also one can taste from the shop but Tirunelveli  halwa is best eaten after seven hours of cooking. Has the days passed by, many entrepreneurs started exporting it to different states in bulks and this small town started manufacturing in huge amount and the e-commerce website too took it's birth of selling it online almost to all the places in India. so we don't have to spend our time and energy to reach Tirnuveli and munch over this delicacy, it is possible to shop online with some super deals, extremely packed well and delivered at your doorstep.  Guaranteed originality and promised delivery. Do be careful while you shop because in most of the neighbouring states they sell this at poplur busy centers.. it might be organic or traditional but some dealers just sell with the name with low quality.  

Essentially it's Wheat, (soaked overnight) finely ground to extracted into a milk-like secretion. To make caramelized sugar, a generous amount of sugar is filtered in and allowed to thicken over simmering fire (according to the amount they planned to prepare until it  turns dark brown/red), nuts cut into small pieces along with unadulterated ghee will be swayed slowly as it gets heated. Primarily, there is no added preservative. The dessert freaks can blindly agree with your fitness agent. Wheat always matches with all blood groups and told as one of the top healthy ingredient and so ghee and sure is something needed for our daily life, all of them are organic products and it is highly believed by the citizen that the soil and Thamarabharani water makes it even more special.

Manufacture units in Tirunelveli they are cooked on firewood oven and  It is served or transferred from the gas only after they get the proper quality, silky like texture. Mostly it is dark reddish golden glaze, soupy,  jelly-like texture. After the preparation it has to be stored in room temperature for six hours. These unique combination of elements brings out many tantalizing flavours. Probably from the dessert family this makes it stand out. 

It is easy to cook at home because of its less ingredients but if only one is interested spending time patiently, only then one can achieve the proper consistency and flavour, one has to squander hours stirring it with the ingredients in its proper combination. It is mostly sold in redish, brownish shade with cashew on top. Combinations go like 1. Nellai special halwa, 2. Tirunelveli halwa, 3. Iruttu kadai halwa etc... Iam sure there are many top mommies who cook amazingly at home.

The protein rich dessert with an unusual twist is must to Create a smart and healthy family that carry out our heritage of good and quality foods rather that unhealthy junk food,hey should know the goodness of this delicacy and it is a certainly a bit hit with people of all age group, ADULTS AND CHILDREN ALIKE. Not to mention the naughty senior citizens too. Probably since we are able to shop from our home it is gonna be hassle free to order and Get ready to indulge your sweet tooth with the one of the best Halwas in our country. Celebrate every minute with a sweet smile. Highly recommended especially after a big meal! It would definitely beckon us with its aromatic flavor the very next minute you munch it in.