Get To Know The Amazing Nutrition Benefits of Ellu Mittai.

Remember your granny munching her favorite snack named Elluurundai / Sesame Burfi? Probably these are one of the main snacks that kept her healthily.

 It is one of the staple sweets during festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi or Krishna Jayanthi and it believed to bring happiness throughout the year. Sesame, in India, is been a major cultivar following the Harappa period. Most of the school days on the way back home, Sesame Burfi are stored layered inside the glass jars that just tempts anyone who passes through the shop.

Ingredients are less but these burfis are so nutritious with the goodness of Sesame seeds, Jaggery, water and Ghee/Oil. The method is a bit critical but remarkably simple if you're involved in the passion of cooking and the life span of this snack is quite a many days if maintained in an air tight container. 

Sesame/Ellu comes in two forms White and Black, White ones are wonderful sources of calcium, black ones are rich in iron. Be it for diabetes, blood pressure or menstrual cycle, these seeds just make wonders when consumed well.  

Ellu mittai (candy) is little different from what we make at home, it is mostly seen in stores by a square in shape. It is traditionally followed as energy bars, so give a try to this crunchy healthy snack and you are sure to love it. No burgers are complete without buns being dotted with sesame seeds on them and the buns are incomplete without the crackers topped are simply awesome to dig.