The small round cookies!

There is always something to cherish through our childhood life, the moral fairy tale stories narrated by your grandma or probably the yummiest food she cooks. The places you spend your vacation, the tea shop, running around with your cousins in your hometown but there is always something that ends up being with us forever and for me, it is  the macaroon my grandpa gets it every evening after his work on the way back home. I used to anxiously wait near the gate to grab the packet of macaroons from him. It is typically cooked with ground almonds, coconut, sugar, and egg.  Can't really forget those days i go out for a way again after grandpa is back from work to the nearby store to see the way they have stored these Macaroon's inside  a glass jar. The tangled candy is characterized by smooth, squared top, ruffled circumference and a flat base. For coconut macaroons, it is stripped coconut is folded into the meringue at this point. It is quietly moist and easily melts in the mouth even with a small bit. Those days are truly memorable!

Macaroons these days can be found in a wide variety of flavors that range from the traditional once. Personally, I prefer the traditional once because it is little more healthy, these flavored once has a distinctive heavenly taste, though, Spoonfuls of this mixture (inside filling) are dropped onto a cookie sheet in tiny haystacks and baked until crispy on the outer part and chewy in the midst. It is later dipped with many flavors like Pistachio, Strawberry Mint, Strawberry & Cream, chocolate,  Raspberry, Lemon the list is endless because it is always experimenting, each macaroon is made with slight different according to the flavors and obviously Macaroons is the "next big thing" to carry out to the next futurist generations. You can Buy thoothukoodi Macaroons online from Hitnat.

Ideal macaroons have shiny, somewhat domed outer cover with a crinkled "foot" around the bottom hem. Obviously, the cookies are matched with a flavored butter cream mixture and formed into elegant little sandwiches. Preparing at home it is a risky job because either we should know the baking part really well or have some experience over cooking "something which i don't have" . You can Buy thoothukoodi Macaroons online from Hitnat. Making is easy or can try but getting that authentic flavor is tough for me but why do we need that when we are able to get anything around the world with a finger touch?

These days whatever we want to eat within hours and days it is delivered at our doorstep. Online shopping has been truly a blessing for a crazy foodie like me. We don't have to travel all the way to Tamil Nadu to buy the authentic Tuticorin macaroon or for the tiny colorful yummy macaroon. They are neatly packed and they assure to store it for a few days also banged out mostly on reasonable price. These tiny macaroon cookies cannot be stored as they are too irresistible to munch.