Taste white silky palkova that simply melts!

Colour of the snow, soft has cotton and no celebration or auspicious day end without this yummiest sweet called Palkova or Srivilliputhur Palkova. It's a timeless piece of dessert loved by all age group. Buy milky and silky palkova online from hitnat and mouth watering taste 

This mouthwatering Pal therattipal or Palkova is one of the popular delicious dessert made in the southern side of India. It is especially popular at Srivelliputhur in TamilNade state. As It is proven that there were a lot of cows being reared at Srivilliputhur thus they researched many ways to do something with the milk and they wanted to market it has an product and discovered to make Palkova, the siginficant fact is they still maintains top quality even today. Throughout TamilNadu only over here they have a government recognized Srivilliputhur Milk Cooperative Society Ltd, it got framed in the year 1977 and other local dealers too started the production of the sweet.  They tend to have numerous manufacturing units to produce in making Palkovas but throughout Tamil Nadu only over here we get that authentic touch and flavor. Earlier, the sweet and place became famous only through mouth marketing. Buy palkova online from hitnat to get delicious sweets at your door step. 

Centuries back, the master chef at home used to prepare this mouth-watering sweet at home but nowadays we get to buy at most sweet retail stores.  This mouthwatering Indian sweet Palkova or Pal therattipal stands to be unique from other sweets probably because of its ingredients this delicacy is stirred with pure milk continuously for 40 to 45minutes, while it boils in between every five to ten minutes add refined powered sugar. Though the ingredients are less doesn't mean things are easy, there is a proper consistency that has to be followed like by adding saffron along with ghee,  after 45 minutes of stirring it has to be set at room temperature for few hours with desired shapes. Preparing at home is highly recommended for the healthy freaks since the only advantage is to control over the sugar and ghee measurement but again our this generation is kinda swayed and the only thing we can do is buy online or from the sweet stores and control  the amount of what we munch. the disadvantage is probably the amount of quality milk or since we don't get quality milk we might tend to cook with condensed milk the taste might vary. The authentic Srivilliputhur Palkova gummy texture. Whatever may it maybe it is an irresistible sweet!

 The Singhs are organically from the Rajput family who has bought this tradition of sweets to Tamilnadu in the mid-1800s, Slowly the family disbanded to other parts of Tamil Nadu and so the art of sweet making spread to other district. Palkova in  Srivilliputhur is manufactured in many households and industries. The citizen living here wake up early and accumulate milk from the Srivilliputtur Milk Producers Cooperative Society Ltd and begin to heat it on huge vessels which are heated over fires of wood, coconut shells, bricks, cashew nut shells etc. As the milk starts to warm sugar is added in the portion of 1.25 to 1.5 kg is added to the vessel for every 10 liters of milk and stirred slowly and study till it turns off-white in colour. After about 50 minutes the compound is allowed to chill slowly as the mixture sets in the room temperature it begins to thicken and it goes to the packing department  when it is mildly warm. This method is repeated post lunch while they get they get the afternoon’s supply of milk also. There are so many local people who simply stir with milk and sell on bus and railway station. It is really important to shop from popular stores or online to be the hygienic sides. Some merchants have their own loyal customer, these merchants cook in the tradition ways and not with huge factory machinery.  There is a stall near the bus station at Madurai, which sells exclusively, the palgova prepared by the cooperative society.

Orginal Palgova will persist for two weeks without decaying, even without refrigerating As this sweet is not involved with any buttermilk and butter whose shelf life is a matter of mere days.

Now let's talk about the goodness of munching Palgova?

Most of us know how good or healthy is Cow's Milk right? it offers  a richness of calcium and minerals required for healthy bones and teeth. Also, because of its high vitamins and nutrients, it helps to keep your skin flexible, soft, and glowing. No one says sugar is best but it has something really good that our body needs like Sugar has a high-calorie content that will give our body energy, probably when  we feel a lack of energy sweets work amazing and moderate use of sweets will never increase  diabetes as it is a genetic condition. More than all this it is natural resources without the use of any pesticides.

Mostly while we shop from outside the authentic flavors are always with milk, sugar and little of ghee (mostly no ghee) but while we prepare at home, one can add saffron, cashew nuts. Benefits of cashew nuts are endless such as vitamins E K and B6 and bunch of minerals... saffron is good for blood purification.  

These reasons are more than enough to throw back the next time when someone says don't eat sweet! Gear up and munch over one of the best sweets in town. It is really not possible to travel all the way to Srivilliputhur often but the world is in our hands through technology, within few clicks we can shop for variety of Srivilliputhur Palkova, it just reaches our doorstop hassle free before we reach Srivelliputhur (no travel bug or expensive involved). Benefits of buying online is always because we get to find many variety with different shapes, even we can fetch that authentic Srivilliputhur Palkova, discounts and superbly hygienic. Palkova has spread throughout south India and so it is available at the local sweet stores around your residence but not really sure how authentic we can treat our taste buds.