Yummy Yummy Tirunelveli Halwa!

Tirunelveli Halwa/Godhumai Halwa / Wheat Halwa. It is one of the yummiest mouths smacking Halwa ever that has not lost its interest among all of us from ages. There are many desserts or halwa in town but Tirunelveli Halwa stands out to the talk in the town. Most popular sweet shops it is an obvious to find a space for Tirunelveli Halwa. The traditional Tirunelveli Halwa has been categorized in three to four flavors. There is no major difference but a slight difference. Irttu Kadai Halwa, High Ghee Tirunelveli Halwa, Tirunelveli Halwa and for most healthy freaks Tirunelveli Karpatti Halwa.

Karupatti halwa is extracted from jiggery and it is from the Palmyra tree which has rich in calcium, and it is good for blood purification.   This organic food is like the staple food of Tirunelveli where people leave to work after having ‘Nee-thanni and Karupatti’ (Nee thanni is the rice and water mixed and kept overnight to be consumed as breakfast). Palm and coconut jiggery were the sweetening’s that were traditionally accepted as sweet dishes and are filled with health benefits for all ages. You can get halwa easily at Hitnat.

Recently, news reports proclaimed that some of them sell this Tirunelveli Halwa on all public places. So definitely it's highly recommended to ask between your friend circles that whoever travel to Tiruneliveli to pick it up for you. Probably they can get the Halwa from Shanti Sweets/Hitnat/ Iruttu kadai halwa or make sure what you buy from dealers are genuine!