Salt & Spicy, Sweet & Nutty!
Strike the balance between sweetness overload and spicy madness with this three in one combo! This mixed bag is thoda sweet; thoda salt and pura nuts!

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They say too much of a good thing is good for nothing. Which is why when your brain is enjoying a sugar rush, you should perhaps temper the saccharine goodness with a salty shake-up or a nutty check! The marriage of sweet and salt has always worked in every cuisine around the world, including Indian cooking. 

Our combo lets you mix a bag of salty and mildly spicy Bombay Mixture with a tantalizing sweet- either the dreamy white Srivilliputhur Palgova or the temptingly rich Tirunelveli halwa- and a nutty bar! The nut-studded slab is again your choice. Choose between the Kadalai Mittai, Koko Mittai and the Ellu Mittai.

Gear up to go from slurp to crunch to crack!