As you already know, we source our products from long-term, popular, and well-established shops. These shops are well known locally (where are located). For the sellers, their major source of revenue comes from selling the products through retail outlets in their area. Since each product has a unique identity based on the raw materials available locally, we launched hitnat.com to make these traditional Tamil Nadu’s sweets and mixtures available online across the world. 

It’s the retail price at which the product sells. The sellers determine the prices individually, based on their business demand for retail market. Their price includes their cost, costs for managing their retail outlets, production costs, and their margins.

Until the product reaches you, it is our responsibility to ensure complete follow up -- from the time you place an order until the time you receive it. Our price per product on the site includes Product Price, Shop to Warehouse, courier cost to your location, the packaging, and the other running costs.

The major difference in the price is because of the courier costs -- from sellers to our warehouse, and then from us to you. To ship 250gm product we are spending the 80% of the price difference between our price and the retail price.  

We are a startup and we are working to reduce the price you have to pay. We ware working with many courier franchises to get a reasonable price. Once the deal is signed we will reduce the cost accordingly.

Once you place the order, we will raise a purchase request to the manufacturer. The manufacturer will ship the item to our warehouse. From our warehouse we ship using popular courier companies to your mentioned shipping address. Care to see a visual about how it works? See it here http://hitnat.com/how-it-works

Our customers – like you – demand the best taste and fresh products. So, we don’t keep any stock. Once you place an order, we place an inward order with our sellers in turn. We can only ship products to you once all the products from different locations and sellers reach our warehouse. Assuming the products reach us on a particular day, we ship all pending orders on a First In First Out basis, by the end of the day.