Bombay Mixture

Pride of Tirunelveli
It’s not always a sweet tooth that triggers cravings. Every now and then, you may yearn for something salty or spicy. When it comes to a snack crisis, the ’mixture’ has very little competition. Why, you ask? For it’s not about just one or two tidbits, but an assortment of lip-smacking nibbles. Talk about a tango in your mouth!
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It doesn’t get more colourful than this on a plate! The ‘mixture’ as it is simply known in South India, can cheer you up just by its presence on a plate. The mélange of red, green, yellow and white can brighten up any cloudy day. If it doesn’t, then pick up a handful and pop it in your mouth. The delightful crunch of the dozen different ingredients sounds like a happy cacophony.

The Bombay Mixture has a sprinkling of chickpeas and dal, spiced with garam masala. If you’re looking for a fiery albeit nutritious snack, this is your pick.

Seasoned with salt, the mixture is one savoury you should always keep handy at home. You never know when the cravings strike- on a balmy afternoon, during a mid-morning drizzle or a late night vigil!

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