Ellu Mittai

Pride of Kovilpatti
Heard of the idiom, ‘kid in a candy store?’ Well to find out what it literally means, you should drive along the outskirts of Kovilpatti and then into the town. In the dozens of mittai kadai (sweet shops) on the road, the speckled ellu mittai is a staple and a favourite.
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The Southern tip of Tamil Nadu is dotted with small temples that are home to numerous village deities, each with their own fascinating local legend. Many of the sweets originating in the Kovilpatti belt are said to be popularized during temple festivals, which are highlights of the social calendar here. These festivals attract devotees from miles all around the town, who carry back the sweet treats, thus spreading their popularity.

This is simply a dozen nutritional benefits compressed and disguised as a candy! If you want to replace a piece of junk food in your child’s tuck box or your own, choose the ellu mittai as a substitute. Sesame seeds (ellu) blended with jaggery are at the heart of this simple candy. It has many health benefits attributed to it- more protein and better memory, for starters.

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