Koko Mittai

Pride of Kovilpatti
The beguiling shapes, colours and flavours of different sweets in Kovilpatti will bamboozle your senses. But only the Koko mittai, with its tempting dark hues, will instantly steal your heart.
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The Southern tip of Tamil Nadu is dotted with small temples that are home to numerous village deities, each with their own fascinating local legend. Many of the sweets originating in the Kovilpatti belt are said to be popularized during temple festivals, which are highlights of the social calendar here. These festivals attract devotees from miles all around the town, who carry back the sweet treats, thus spreading their popularity.

Like the kadalai mittai, the koko mittai is a concoction of groundnuts and jaggery. But the nuts are crushed, finely ground and shaped into slabs. The rich cocoa-brown shade is achieved naturally without any added colouring agents.

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