Ananda Palkova

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ESTD 2005

Srivilliputhur in south Tamil Nadu maybe a small town, but the quantity of milk it produces and the different versions of palkova sold here are anything but insignificant. Ananda Palkova’s slices of white paradise owe their wholesome goodness to the unadulterated, fresh cow’s milk they rise out of.

The main ingredient of this melt-in-the-mouth sweet is churned every morning by cows in the panchayat town of Sundarapandiam, 15 kilometres from Srivilliputhur. S.K.S. Rajagopal begins his day, with pails in hand, visiting the farms around his house and milking the cattle. Then, along with his wife, he boils, stirs and cools the milk to make the delicious dessert sold under the name of Ananda Pal Gova. Like many of his neighbours, Rajagopal was a master weaver in Sundarapandiam, before he turned sweetmaker. His skilled hands, adept at making fabric, now work patiently to carve out one irresistible sliver of temptation after another.

  • SKS Rajagopal once a master weaver, making palkova since 2004.
  • Only the fresh cow’s milk and sugar are used.
  • Prepared in a old big “aduppu”.
  • Patiently boils, stirs and cools the milk in a traditional way.


Pride of Srivilliputhur
Even the gods fell in love at Srivilliputhur. How can mortals not fall for this historical small town and its famous offering? Milk in its creamiest, silkiest, crumbly and compact form-the palgova is more
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