Dhanalakshmi Bakery

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ESTD 1934

A landmark today in the charming port city of Thoothukudi, Dhanalakshmi Bakery has sweetened the days of many a pastry lover, since 1940. Much has changed in this salty air enveloped city since Independence: but one thing has remained a constant- this bakery’s macaroons.

For more than seventy years, Dhanalakshmi Bakery has been making its most popular confectionery the same way- baking them in firewood ovens, heated overnight. Even today, it is the place to go if you’re looking for the ‘nuttiest macaroon’ in town, bursting with rich, creamy, crushed cashewnuts.

Arunachalam Pillai, the founder of Dhanalakshmi Bakery, is widely credited with the popularity of the unique cone-shaped Thoothukudi macaroon. He improvised his recipe based on inputs he picked up from European and Anglo-Indian pastry chefs in Madras and Tiruchirapalli, in his youth. He passed on his techniques to many macaroon manufacturers who opened their own shops all over Tuticorin. His daughter Vellamma continues his legacy, ensuring the macaroon finds new fans with every passing week.

  • The Founder, Arunachalam Pillai, introduced and popularised Macaroon.
  • 75 years of tradition.
  • Haven’t change the technique since its inception.
  • Nuttiest Macaroon prepared in traditional firewood ovens.


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